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Overview of Vitamin Complexes for Weight Loss

A very frequent cause of excess weight is overeating, when it seems that “just a little bit” and “only today” will not hurt the figure. But the matter is not only gluttony. Metabolic function is also responsible for maintaining optimal weight, which is sometimes disturbed. The reasons for this “breakdown” – the mass. From low mobility to serious disruptions in the body. People who have tried unsuccessfully all the ways to lose weight, seek the help of complex vitamins, special formulations for burning fat and other modern drugs in pills and tablets, which are guaranteed to lose extra pounds. How they help to lose weight, what makes them effective and in which cases vitamins fail – we will talk about all this in detail in the review of complexes for weight loss.

Vitamins: who is who in this story?

Some people (and they, by the way, the majority) are used to thinking that vitamins are useful for maintaining immunity, reduce brittle bones and brittle hair, saturate the body with the necessary macro- and microelements, which generally have a beneficial effect on health. Much less often they remember vitamins if you want to lose weight. What can they really? Dietary food is rich in fruits, vegetables, proteins and herbs – isn’t the vitamin complex enough? It turns out, no. Vitamins are very important for the good work of metabolism, and this is the main internal process in terms of losing weight. Moreover, the vast majority of all known vitamins is involved in it. The fact is that the lack of one of them (and even more so the acute shortage of one or several substances at once) immediately affects the metabolic function: the body slows down the breakdown and synthesis of various elements. As a result, the self-preservation function is activated, because as soon as a deficiency of a substance is detected, the body stocks up for the future, forgetting about processing. Thus, in a simple way, the lack of nutrients, vitamins and minerals “helps” us to gain weight and be horrified by new centimeters on the hips and waist. But there is something worse: it doesn’t even occur to us that a deficiency of vitamins could become the cause of excess weight, and … we go on a diet, making a gross mistake. Dietary nutrition provides not only a restriction on calories, but also on all the useful and nutrients that the body so needs. Pulling it to a dead end, we get the wrong weight loss result that we expected, since the weight continues to increase. For it’s not time to waste, but time to stock up: you never know what lies ahead. Of course, metabolic function is not all that vitamin complexes are capable of for weight loss. See for yourself:

Coenzymes (better known as coenzymes) are formed in the body due to the intake of vitamins. Their task is to maintain normal digestion.

In the case of a lack of coenzymes, specific enzymes of the gastric environment are produced in less quantity than is necessary for optimal gastric function. As a result, we run the risk of getting bad food processing that stays in the intestines longer and promotes fermentation. Against the background of such stagnation in the gastrointestinal tract, weight begins to grow, and also toxins and toxins are formed.

Vitamins help fight hunger. And they are doing it successfully. If they are not enough, increased appetite wakes up.

This reaction is the defense of the body, which forces us to eat as many different foods as possible, hoping to get the missing elements from this “mass”.

Participate in the formation of hormonal levels. Hormonal failure is a relatively common problem of extra pounds.

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For example, so that the body does not experience estrogen deficiency, which is in the grip of the menstrual cycle, weight gain and body fat, it needs to receive tocopherol. Thus, vitamin complexes for weight loss or the most common vitamins are actively involved in digestion, the metabolic process and the production of hormones. If you honestly lost weight, denying yourself cakes, late dinners and were not too lazy to do exercises, the cause of excess weight may well be a lack of vitamins.

How to choose vitamins – several criteria for the best result

First of all, you need to consult a doctor – a nutritionist, therapist or endocrinologist, who will recommend the most effective vitamin complex for you. Vitamins chosen at random may be useless: for example, they will lead to an overabundance of one substance, and a lack of another. Choose trusted manufacturers and, of course, buy vitamins in pharmacies. If you decide to use dietary supplements designed for losing weight, pay attention to their quality, confirmed by a certificate (among this category of supplements there are often fake drugs that will deprive you of money, but not overweight). Read the instructions or ask in detail about the pharmacist’s selected vitamins. Tell the purpose of the purchase – to help the body lose weight. In this case, you are likely to recommend the “right” vitamins, which contribute to the burning of fats and stop the feeling of hunger. Finally, you can take advantage of the review of complexes for weight loss, which we have prepared below. Here are all the key points – the effect on the body, dosage and side effects. Choose and lose weight!

Overview of Vitamin Complexes

Immediately make a reservation, all vitamins can be divided into 2 groups – designed specifically for weight loss and general purpose drugs. Accordingly, the effect of the former is many times higher (according to manufacturers). A little tip: if you are going to lose weight for the first time or are inclined to break a diet, start with regular multivitamins. Specialized is better to drink the course, as well as combine “passive” weight loss with physical activity to enhance the effect of vitamins and achieve results.

FruThin tablets review

FruThin – effervescent tablets to speed up metabolism and get rid of toxins. Contain berry extracts and vitamin C to improve health, increase overall tone. The most popular remedy among women in the Philippines. Is FruThin safe? If you follow the dosage, are not pregnant, you are over 18 years old, then the tablets will be absolutely safe for you.

Centrum – awakens the metabolic function and makes it work actively, increases mental activity and makes us more energetic. By the way, these vitamins support normal muscles, therefore, are recommended for those who often experience physical activity.

In the Centrum line you will also find special vitamins for those who are on a diet. Tablets are taken 1 time per day for a month – exactly the course lasts. True, these vitamins are contraindicated for people with various types of allergies.

Vitrum – has established itself as a very high-quality and effective drug.

One of the best vitamin complexes for those who want to lose weight: prevents the metabolic process from falling asleep, accelerates intracellular metabolism (lipid) and the breakdown of carbohydrate compounds, makes the body more energetic and helps control weight. The complex should be carefully taken for allergies, patients with tuberculosis and people with kidney diseases. Take 1 tablet daily (preferably until noon) during the course, which lasts up to 2 months.

Guides – helps to lose weight, thanks to the stimulation of metabolism and the correction of hormone production. Saturates cells and tissues with useful substances, increases working capacity.

These vitamins are not recommended for use with an unstable psyche (excessive nervousness, irritability), with insomnia or atherosclerosis. Take 1 tablet per day for 1 month – this is how long the course lasts.

Doppelherz Asset – vitamins are based on linoleic acid, which refers to unsaturated omega-6 fatty acids. They help to break down fats more actively, contributing to the normalization of weight.

Take with caution in case of problems with the intestines, allergies and pregnant women. The course lasts exactly a month (1 tablet per day).

The Solgar from the “For Women” line is a premium complex for those who want to put their digestive system in order, establish a hormonal background and lose weight.

Vitamins are taken 3 times a day, 1 each (during breakfast, lunch and dinner). The only contraindication is called allergy, so be careful if you are at risk.

Turboslim Expert-slimming – capsules with a rich content of “specific” elements aimed at burning fat.

For example, guarana in the composition accelerates metabolism, and red algae is an excellent diuretic substance that helps to remove excess fluid and lose weight. Garcinia does not allow fat to be deposited “in reserve”, and L-carnitine supports muscle tone and accelerates metabolic processes. Take capsules in three stages – in the morning, at lunch and in the evening. The course of weight loss fits exactly 3 days.

Alphabet Diet – vitamins contain caffeine, which starts metabolism, and a balanced complex of vitamins makes the carbohydrate-fat metabolism accelerate.

The feeling of hunger helps to overcome plant fibers – getting into the intestines, they increase in volume and permanently relieve the desire to have something to eat. Take vitamins three times a day with meals. The complex is not recommended for problems with the kidneys and liver, with problems of the heart and blood vessels, as well as for people suffering from pressure drops.

Doppelherz Slim – a complex for weight loss from a well-known pharmaceutical brand. It contains a lot of elements, almost each of which contributes to the burning of fats.

For example, linoleic acid is an excellent fat burner, or chromium is a substance that reduces appetite and is even recommended for weight correction in people with diabetes. L-carnitine also helps to destroy fat cells and helps to keep muscles in great shape, which helps to avoid sagging skin areas with strong weight loss (however, do not forget about fitness). Doppelherz complex for weight loss is especially recommended for people with a figure of the type of “apple”, when the bulk of the fat is collected in the abdomen. Vitamins help to spend, not save, fat cells – a sure way to achieve harmony. Slim complex for weight loss is taken three times a day, 1 capsule for a course lasting 1 month. Upon completion, a month break is required. By the way, Doppelherz Fish Oil is in the company’s product line – it normalizes metabolic processes, helping to successfully fight extra pounds. It works very simply: by regulating the amount of insulin, it forces the body to “pull” fat cells from the “bins” and burn them to generate energy. Thanks to the unsaturated fatty acids Omega-3, fish oil improves mood and reduces appetite, so you will be much less likely to look into the refrigerator for the next batch of something tasty. The drug can be used in conjunction with vitamin complexes.

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Concluding, we talk about the shortcomings

Oddly enough, but here he is alone – human laziness and low motivation. No complex will work for your figure if you continue to sit on a chair and periodically overeat (even crunching snacks at the desktop is not “on schedule” – this is excess fat in the future). If the vitamin complex gave a minimal result, it did not help to get rid of even a couple of extra pounds or, even worse, weight gain continued – this is an occasion to see a doctor. Perhaps the body has created an imbalance of beneficial elements. The lack of a substance violates the metabolic function, so your whole diet goes to replenish fat reserves. Do not neglect the consultation with a nutritionist or at least a therapist, because only a doctor can say for sure – which complex is suitable for your body and will lead to the desired result.